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Project Management & Consultancy Services

The CollNT project delivery team has more than 50 years’ combined experience across these sectors and a long resume of successful project delivery in remote and regional areas of Australia.

On every project we work on our aim is to strengthen the local community, increase Indigenous engagement and help people through social enterprise by making changes to the way we procure goods and services and engage subcontractors.


Our combined workforce of more than 20 staff at any given time, with a wide spread of experience and expertise, means we have the capacity to successfully deliver a vast range of projects across our 3 operational divisions. Our extensive resources enable us to implement specialist processes and teams on regional and remote projects.


CollNT has a passion and track record for building capacity within the communities where we deliver projects. We pride ourselves on our ability to build community partnerships. We understand that commercial activity is important to the economic and social development of each community we work in. We build capacity and economic opportunity for Indigenous Australians through strong relationships, long-term employment and accredited training in a vast range of roles.

Our current workforce represents almost 30% Indigenous employment. As we grow, we anticipate that this will increase to in excess of 40%. We are known in the industry for our successful Indigenous employment outcomes and our exemplary high standards around health, safety, quality and environment.


We pride ourselves on our hands on, collaborative approach to creating custom solutions for our clients and surpassing expectations.


We offer Value for Money. Meaning that “value for money” does not mean obtaining the lowest quote but includes taking into account the financial viability of our suppliers, past contractor performance, safety and quality standards, timely supply, risk exposure and other relevant considerations. A strong element of competition is applied when tendering for projects such as this one. In other words, where we have received a higher priced offer from our subcontractors and suppliers, we will determine whether it value for money, that demonstrates clear and demonstrable benefits over and above other offers and does not compromise on quality and safety.



On this project we will continue to adopt best practices to promote and protect the environment and minimise environmental harm and reduce our carbon footprint across all our business practises. We will be collaborating with Veolia onsite to:

  • mitigate unnecessary waste wherever possible
  • implement recycling initiatives where possible
  • avoid using materials derived from threatened species and environments
  • remain compliant with all regulations, codes of practice and laws in force relevant to the state or territory
  • consider reused, recycled or renewable materials or supplies.


We are Ready to commence any new projects and have the capacity and capability to commence these works within the specified timeframes.

We are Building the Future and Restoring the Past